Press Statement 4th October 2020


To Maintain the Right to Home Educate Our Children.

A False Solution and Severe Infringement of Fundamental Freedoms for All.

The association Les Enfants d’Abord (LED’A) is opposed to the president’s project to abolish home education in France.

LED’A defends, among other things, respect for every child’s rhythm, interests and capacities. The association supports freedom of choice for every family relating to learning and wants this freedom of choice to be upheld, as is stated in the Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and Ferry’s law of 1882.

We denounce the confusions and lies articulated by Mr Macron in his speech of Oct 2nd 2020

Mr Blanquer and Mr Macron are shooting at the wrong targets to fight radicalisation. To this day, there is no proven link between home education and radicalisation, nor are there any statistics on potentially radicalised home educated children. On the contrary, studies concerning radicalisation and state schools are eye opening: all French terrorists attended state schools, without exception.

Furthermore, the president dares to announce « the national education authority is not able to assess the children’s evolution » when home educated, when a legislative and regulatory arsenal already exists to monitor home educating families.

In conclusion we contextualise the figures released (50,000 home educated children), as they are for a large part increased by the fact that children aged 3 to 6 are now taken into account (since 2017 the age of compulsory education in France has been lowered from 6 to 3 years) and also due to the particular sanitary context (Covid 19). It is essential to remember that home educated children represent only 0.4% of all children of school attendance age, therefore we do not understand how banning home education could be a « massive advance » against radicalisation.

The association LED’A is entirely and strongly opposed to the president’s project.

Say “No!” to the abolition of home education in France!

Les Enfants D’Abord, Media Team

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