An End to Home Education: Neither Macron nor Blanquer Make the Rules


Posted on 16th October, 2020On RTL (a French radio station) the 13th of October 2020, Jean-MichelBlanquer (Minister of National Education in France) questioned by Thomas Sotto on the establishment of a curfew in the context of the Covid 19 epidemic, declared: “Frankly, it would be premature to answer you on a measure that ‘has not...

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Press Statement 11th October 2020


In his speech on separatism, the head of state decided to stigmatise home education by creating an insulting amalgam between a legal education choice and extremism. Unilaterally he imposes an end to the possibility of educating children outwith a school structure, as of September 2021.  The association LED’A (Les Enfants d’Abord – Children First) which...

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Press Statement 4th October 2020


To Maintain the Right to Home Educate Our Children. A False Solution and Severe Infringement of Fundamental Freedoms for All. The association Les Enfants d’Abord (LED’A) is opposed to the president’s project to abolish home education in France. LED’A defends, among other things, respect for every child’s rhythm, interests and capacities. The association supports freedom...

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