An Authoritarian System of Authorisation to Replace a Democratic Freedom


BRUT 4th December 2020 Download pdf For Macron to keep his head held high, the government are working on a system of authorisation to corral home education. The parliamentarian writing the law appreciate this. It’s almost Sarkozy. News is diffused, a law is made. Or rather, when deal with an exception, we change the rule....

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Illegal Refusal of Home Education The Purely Academic Fake News


Published the 3 décembre 2020 by Actions politiques Download pdf The project of law to ban home education in France has not yet been presented to the ‘Conseil des Ministres’ and families are already having their declaration to home educate refused. Almost as though the freedom of home education is already subject to a system...

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Macron spalle al muro


Scarica il pdf Press Release Le Parisien 28.11.20 Sarà il capo dell’Élysée in grado di superare « il muro dell »educazione parentale »?, titola Le Parisien di giovedi. Il Conseil d’État (Consiglio di Stato, ndt) ha appena cortesemente indicato il rischio che la legge sia dichiarata inconstituzionale. Se Macron s’intestardisce, poterebbe spaccarsi i denti.ttps:// LA LIBERTA della stampa...

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Interdizione dell’Educazione Parentale: la volontà del Principe Macron


22nd November 2020 Mentre i parlamentari di tutti i partiti si mobilizzano per presevare la libertà educativa, Le Parisien ha spiegato questa settimana che l’interdizione dell’educazione parentale (Instruction en Famille – IEF, ndt) per Settembre 2021 sarebbe dovuta al capriccio di un solo uomo, Giove (leggi Macron, ndt). Nel frattempo l’ONU ammonisce la Francia sul...

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Prohibición de la IEF : El Hecho del Príncipe Macron


Published the 22nd November 2020 by Actions Politiques Descargar en pdf Mientras los parlamentarios de todos bordes se movilizan para preservar la libertad de enseñar, Le Parisien nos ha aprendido esta semana que la prohibición de la instrucción familiar (IEF) al regreso a clases de 2021 sería atribuible al antojo de un hombre tan solo, Júpiter. Al mismo...

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Joint Press Release


Download pdf Paris the 18th November 2020 Project to Ban Home Education (IEF) in France: an Unconstitutional Measure. On the 2nd of October 2020, within the framework of the bill to strengthen secularism and the principals of the republic, the French president announced: “As of the return-to-school in 2021, schooling will be made compulsory for...

Press Release from the Associations and Representatives of Home Education (IEF- Instruction En Famille, private schools ‘hors contract’ – not operating under a contract with the state and defenders of freedom)


Posted on 11 November 2020 Educational Freedom is not negotiable. Stand together to defend our fundamental freedoms! Following the presidential announcement to make schooling (rather than education) compulsory for all children from the ages of 3 to 16 years, a meeting to present the bill to strengthen the values of the Republic (initially a bill...

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